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Montana Gun Owners


Montanan's Know Your Rights To Open Carry

Simply a resource guide serving Montana's Gun Owners and Shooters

I carry because trouble never makes an appointment

Gun & Ammo Links

  • Montana Gun Laws Got a question concerning carrying in Montana?

  • Bitterroot Ammo Great prices on all ammo in stock, we have ammo and primers for those reloaders.
  • Bigfork Gun Club HOME OF THE GRIZZLY PISTOLEROS - The Bigfork Gun Club is a full-service facility dedicated to the shooting arts.
  • Team Glock TeamGLOCK E-Store IS Open for Business!!
  • GLOCKMEISTER Not only are we the original, exclusive Glock parts and services provider, but we are the ONLY Glock speciality shop that sells, services, and handles Glocks on a daily basis. Whether it be in our store, at a gun show, or your gun shipped to us we take pride in providing you with the best service in the industry.
  • Lone Wolf Distributors Need extra after market barrels and parts for your Glocks. Dress them out with Lone Wolf Distributor parts and barrels.
  • Top Glock Welcome to TopGlock, your online Glock superstore! Our goal is to become the premier source for all of your Glock related needs. With thousands of items in stock, low prices, and friendly customer service, there is no reason to shop anywhere else!
  • Montana Gold Bullet Inc. Get your jacketed bullets for all your IDPA, USPS and IPSC shooting needs. Simply the best by the best in the buisiness of making jacketed bullets.
  • Rim Rock Bullets For all your cast bullet needs located in NW Montana. Premium & most Gas Checked Bullets have a BHN of 20-22. This is the only cast bullet company that I purchase all my cast bullets from, and it should be yours too.
  • The 10mm vs .45 ACP Read this comprehensive report on why the 10mm is a far better cartridge.
  • The 10mm Auto Cartridge Very good information about the 10mm Auto Cartidge.

  • 10mm Information Pages The information contained on these pages is presented free to the public, some MAY be copyright by the owner as in load data.

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    ABC Report - Problems with Gun Control

    Gun Message Boards For Self Defense on Ownership

  • Open Carry For those that really want to find out about open carry and you.
  • USA Carry - Open or Concealed For over a year, USA Carry has provided you with the best information on concealed carry permits available. Tired of trying to find which state site has the concealed carry laws and where? Which states recognize other states? Well we have collected all of this information and put it in a format that is easy to understand.
  • Defensive Carry Simply great information reaching out to other shooters just like you.
  • Fighting for your 2nd Amendment right. Join the 2nd Amendment Movement. Together, we are one.
  • Glock Talk a place where Glock Owners are most welcome.
  • Taurus Simply the best source of information for the Taurus shooter today.
  • The High Road Come on in and see what we are all about.
  • Handgun Forums We simply talk about guns from Sigs to Glock and then some, come on in and join us.

  • Gunner Forums A place of like minded individuals getting together.
  • The M1911 Pistols Organization For those that love the famed 1911 pistol.
  • Christian Zone Forum Welcome to Christian Gun Owners at the Christian Zone Forum.
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    Featured Links:

  • Montana Shooting Sports Association The Montana Shooting Sports Association is the primary political action organization asserting the rights and prerogatives of gun owners, shooters, and hunters in Montana.
  • Montana Outdoors Directory Got questions about the Montana Outdoors?
  • Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Ensuring the future of elk, other wildlife and their habitat.
  • Falcon Gun Finishing At Falcon Gun Finishing we offer some of the toughest, durable, attractive metal finished available. All work is done to the highest quality and detail.
  • Grizzly Custom Guns Grizzly Custom Guns are done right up in Columbia Falls, Mt. Check them out, and read the artical that was printed up in Rifle Magazine Jan/Feb 2008.
  • Buffalo Bore Ammunition STRICTLY BIG BORE STRICTLY BUSINESS Doesn't matter if your hunting the mountains or valleys of Montana or the plains of Africa, Buffalo Bore gets the job done.
  • Skinner Sights Find out why more Marlin owners are getting the Skinner Sight on their leverguns. I have mine and it is absolutely the best improvement to my 1895G that I could have made bar none.
  • The Bob Marshall Wilderness This is my part of Montana, having spent many years horsepacking into the Bob Marshall Wilderness. No rushing to get anywhere but pure enjoyment of what God made.

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    Handgun Hunting

  • Simply Rugged Holsters “Rob makes excellent pancake style holsters. They will be appearing in my articles on the Redhawk 4" and Alaskan .44 magnum and hopefully also in Gun Digest 2008.” John Taffin (Guns, American Handgunner magazines)
  • Handgun Hunters Magazine Your Handgun Hunting Headquarters for the serious handgun hunter.
  • Handloading Cost Calculator Ever wonder what it's costing you to reload your handgun or rifle cartridges? Well, question your cost no more with this easy to follow handloading calculator.
  • Foot Pounds of Energy Calculations You can calculate variables in the Foot Pound formula with this page. You put in bullet weight (in grains) and speed ( in feet per second ) and click for Foot Pounds of Energy delivered at muzzle. You can see if heavier bullets for game really have more knock-down power. Sometimes the heavier bullet is so much slower, it's not more, but less. Find out this way. The formula is Energy = Weight times Velocity Squared divided by 450395 (fixed constant).
  • QuietHide Holsters Made with the handgun hunter in mind, come on in and check us out.
  • A Biginners Guide to Big Game Handgun Hunting The title says it all, from handgun choice to what ammo to use, as well as training for what you may encounter on your hunt.
  • Handgun Hunting Cartridges An article from Shooting Times magazine on different cartridges that can be used for handgun hunting.

  • Handgun Hunting Heaven Handgun bear hunting in Maine places you in one of the heaviest black bear concentrations per acre of habitat anywhere in North America.
  • Single Shot Specialty Handguns

  • M.O.A. MAXIMUM HANDGUN A unique single shot, falling block action pistol. The receiver is constructed of stainless steel and constructed in such a manner making the receiver extremely strong and safe!
  • Thompson/Center Arms Home of the famous Contender and Encore handguns.
  • Savage Striker Savage Gunsmithing


    Gun Owners Of America

    Other Links

  • Levergun Leather Works Makes custom 100% hand made and hand stitched products for the handgun hunter or rifle hunter combined. All of the leather items seen on this site were custom orders made from customer ideas and my designs.
  • Garrett Cartridges Our 45-70 +P Hammerhead Ammo has been used to take all the heaviest game in North America and Africa, including the African Big Six.
  • White Label Lube Offering Premium Cast bullet lube without the premium price.
  • Ranch Dog Molds A note from Ranch Dog: Not being happy with the performance of several "cataloged" molds that I purchased, and after slugging the barrels and collecting chamber castings of my Marlins, I understood why these molds and the bullet they drop didn't perform well at jacketed bullet velocities. The bullet diameter, as cast, was undersized for the bore and did not fit the throat of the chamber. Not being able to find a mold of suitable diameter, I went to my desk and got busy on a design that would cast to the appropriate dimensions, be simple to use, not cost an arm and a leg, and not require the expensive lube/sizers for lubing, sizing and seating gas checks.
  • Bear Hunting Magazine The Bear Hunting Authority. Bear Hunting Magazine is the ONLY source for year-round bear hunting information. We cover it all, from all over North America. If you want to learn more about hunting bears, then subscribe today and receive six full-color issues a year.
  • Montana Outfitter and Guide Association The Montana Outfitters and Guides Association, MOGA, is proud to represent over 200 of the top Montana hunting guides, fishing guides and horseback riding pack trip outfitters in Montana.
  • Strong Built Hunting Stands Hunting Stands Specialists If your love is hunting, deer hunting, elk hunting or even fox hunting, we have the hunting stands and hunting supplies your are looking for and at discount prices. Turn your next BPCR hunt in Texas for hogs or deer to Montana for deer, elk or bear into a stand hunt with one of our hunting stands. To make sure its the right hunting stand, make it a Hunting Stand by Strong Built
  • Marlin Cross-Bolt Safety Replacement Kit If you are a purist and detest the cross-bolt safety on the new leverguns, for the Marlin's at least there is a quick and easy remedy... a replacement pin that looks as if it is a screw!
  • Marlinowners.Com A Community for lovers of Marlin Rifles, Marlin Shotguns, and firearms in general.
  • Levergunlovers.Com The Outlaws Domain
  • Lever Action Shooters Society Come on in and sit a spell.....
  • Paco Kelly's Another place for levergun lovers to hang out.
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    A Simple Message For All You That Want A Gun Free Zone



  • Visit The NRA web site please Please understand our gun rights have never been threatend the way they are right now. Please become a member today.